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Do you need an authentic speaker who brings their whole self to the screen or stage for your next team or community event? I'm your gal!​ As a graduate of the prestigious Heroic Public Speaking graduate program, I know not just how to write a speech, but how to deliver it in a way that changes how your audience thinks, feels, and acts. ​Whether you need a speaker on branding, media pitching, military spouse entrepreneurship, school safety, or how to move from slacktivism to activism – I am the surprise and delight speaker you've been looking for.

Speaker Feedback

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Henna Pryor


Founder, 2x Tedx Speaker, Author

Here's what's fascinating about Nikki: She has the ability to tell stories that move you and wreck you, while simultaneously making you want to flip tables and accept 10x more responsibility for the world we live in.


She somehow toes this line and STILL makes you feel cared for at the same time - her mama bear on stage is equal parts ferocious and loving. After hearing Nikki speak, I no longer allow myself to be an idle "slacktivist" - she inspires everyone to action and I'm definitely a better human - and a better mother - thanks to her 'Watchdogs' message.

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Many speakers are able to 'inspire' – but Nikki James Zellner actually gets you to take action ... now!

I have rarely seen a speaker masterfully take an audience through such a huge rage of emotions, keeping everyone on the edge of their seat, until just the right moment when they kick you in the butt and make you realize you, too, MUST act. If you can listen to Nikki and not take action, check your pulse, because you must dead!

Gwen Bortner

Operational Strategist + Speaker

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Key audiences

💫 Military-connected communities

💫 Owners, solopreneurs, coaches, and consultants

💫 Non-profit and community stakeholders

💫 Leaders and future leaders

💫 Advocates and activists

Pick your date + format at the button below!


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