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“If you're a multi-passionate personal or professional brand, I want you to get intentional about how, why, and where you tell your stories.

Because if it’s the results and impact you're after, it’s your 
content and behaviors that will make all the difference.”

A story

There’s a good chance you started your brand as ‘a what.’ An LLC, an INC., a 501(c)3. But as you got to work inside your business and on its projects – you lost track of why you created it in the first place. 

Along the way, you hired random ‘experts.’ One person to work on your website. A different one to work on your social media. And a few headshot photographers to capture your image. But not one of them dove deeper than their specialty, leaving a disjointed brand for all to see.

Content isn’t one thing. It’s all the things you put out into the world from words, to visuals, to user experiences, to performances, and even behaviors. Your legacy and brand are built by how those things connect and the impressions, feelings and understanding it leaves with others.

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My background

​My unique personal and professional path lends itself to this nuanced work and the questions you'll have along the way:

  • Dual business owner, mom and military spouse

  • Successfully advocated for a law change in the state of Virginia; testified nationally to NFPA and IFC for CO prevention code updates (successfully); and remain an activist on school safety issues

  • Acquired over 120 hours of speechwriting + performance training through Heroic Public Speaking graduate program

  • Have served as on set as creative director for 50+ photoshoot + video projects

  • Launched 15 award-winning lifestyle magazines throughout the US 

  • Organized 2 conferences and over 25 live events

  • Managed sales, editorial + creative teams of 10+

  • Published writer and OpEd contributor

  • Featured on CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell, Apple’s #1 rated podcast Pantsuit Politics, and in major metro TV networks + media publications

  • Worked in community news and media for 20+ years in management, advertising, creative, and editorial

  • Developed passive digital workbooks w/ positive ROI

  • Authoring my first book 'Capture Your Story' through traditional publishing path

Plus, I've spent years building a network of:

  • Clients from incredibly diverse backgrounds

  • Trusted creatives including web developers, brand identity specialists, copywriters, and more

  • Go-to portrait, lifestyle, brand or documentary style photographers and videographers

  • Event and conference organizers

  • Freelancers, journalists, and media publishers

  • Military-connected founders and entrepreneurs

  • Professional public speakers and authors

Pardon my woo ... but here's what the Universe has to say about me.


Moon in Pisces: I'm intuitive + empathetic

Humans born with their moon in Pisces are sensitive and compassionate souls. They often pick up on the emotions and needs of other people without needing to be told what others are feeling and thinking. They simply know what they are going through on a deep, emotional level in touch with all the nuances and subtleties of human nature.


Jupiter’s in the Eighth House: ‘Uncovering’ is my specialty

Humans born with Jupiter in the eighth house are talented at strategy, research, and investigation – enjoying getting to the root of any problem. We take great pleasure in unraveling mysteries that seem elusive to others. Those born with this alignment are naturally ‘giving’ partners, and those partnerships benefit from my ability to manage others’ resources, image, and talents.

Yod (1).png

Yod-bearing with a Mercury fulcrum planet 

Humans born with a Yod in their natal chart are the seekers and history-makers of the Zodiac, on missions to find their divine purpose changing the world in the process. Those with Mercury as their fulcrum planet (as I am) have a life purpose involving speech and the written word. 

Inspiring change, one story at a time.

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Ready to get a hold on the content challenges keeping you up at night?

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