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Content Strategy

Roadmapping & Advising

Need a guide?

I help multi-passionate world-changers, founders, and personal brands who know it's time for a brand evolution.


Maybe that evolution is stepping into who you truly are for the first time – or maybe it's the realignment of an existing brand with your values and true vision.


I provide the roadmap, emotional and mental guidance, the a-ha moments, and the creative network to help you clearly define who you are today, who you serve now, what you offer the world, and where you’re going next. I help you get back on track, get motivated, and get a renewed sense of purpose in your business. 


We do this together by building an intentional content strategy that supports the real you. 


This process includes:

  • Hard-hitting conversations about you, your brand, your audience, and your user experience

  • Reviewing photography, videography, audio, and copy; recommending and planning for specialists who can help us create anything new we may need

  • Making quick win, curb appeal updates on digital platforms

  • Outlining timelines for clean up of and creation of assets

  • Implementing sustainable behaviors for content, nurturing, research, and prospecting

  • Talking through strategies for on-target event creation and involvement

  • Public speaking feedback and preparation to make performed content stronger


In short: I help you step into your light, and unleash your authentic thoughts, opinions, and power in a way that drives flow, grows your network, and puts money in the bank.

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Just listen to some of my previous clients...

Coach Judy Berman.webp

Judy Berman


Career and Leadership Coach

"Help! I know my work like the back of my hand – but I don't know how to tell the story in copy and visuals so that they hit the mark!"

Photography was going to be a significant investment in my website marketing efforts. Being able to work collaboratively with Nikki (on copy, story and visual needs) + my photographer in tandem ensured all elements supported each other and aligned with the vision for my brand.


Having a game plan in advance made the whole process run smoothly from start to finish and eliminated the photoshoot and investment anxiety.

Nicole Campbell Divaris.webp

Nicole Campbell

Commercial Real Estate Broker

"I'm comfortable with who I am – but how do I stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace?”

I had been posting on LinkedIn but no one was engaging with my content! I was an unknown in my market. I reached out to Nikki after attending a free seminar she hosted locally.


When I first started working with Nikki, I think I went in with the mindset that I'd learn how to post *more* content. What I didn't expect was that her content advice would lead to so much positive feedback from people at every networking event I attended.


And now, instead of trying to figure out how to go and talk to people, they're looking for me and seeking me out. Working with her has led to podcast appearances, stage time and high-quality clients.

Get your first 30-minute strategy session free!

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DIY workbooks, too?!

My Capture Your Story workbooks are designed for the person or brand who wants to work at their own pace – without ongoing coaching or 1:1 conversation with me. These digital downloads are accessible with the click of a button. Brand clarity and stellar photos, comin' up! 💫

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