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The most memorable speakers? The ones that leave your audience feeling inspired to take action. Nikki's unique background in media, marketing and advocacy makes her an incredible fit for all audience types – professionals, leaders, community change makers, and every day citizens. Motivational? Check. Educational? Check. Fun? Check, check.


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Watchdogs: Embrace your role in building stronger, safer communities

Today it's hard to meet anyone who hasn’t experienced a negative event in their life or community – but how many of those people have used that event to fuel meaningful change? 


What if you could be one of those people?


Community stakeholders come in all shapes and sizes – students, parents, voters, employers, elected officials, journalists – but no matter what group we fall into, we all have one thing in common: we’re all everyday people.


We often believe we’re not responsible for the well-being of anyone outside of our own bubble. 


In this provocative and humorous keynote, Nikki will make hearts race and minds change as she shares her journey from everyday mom to activist and law changer, revealing why we're all accountable for being watchdogs in our communities. 


Without a doubt, audiences will return to the world motivated to move from slacktivist to change maker – starting in their own backyard.

Keynote investments start at $4,000.

Virtual or in person availability.


Henna Pryor
Keynote Speaker, CEO, Executive Coach

Here's what's fascinating about Nikki: She has the ability to tell stories that move you and wreck you, while simultaneously making you want to flip tables and accept 10x more responsibility for the world we live in. She somehow toes this line and STILL makes you feel cared for at the same time - her mama bear on stage is equal parts ferocious and loving. After hearing Nikki speak, I no longer allow myself to be an idle "slacktivist" - she inspires everyone to action and I'm definitely a better human - and a better mother - thanks to her message.

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Gwen Bortner,
Speaker, Operational Strategist

Many speakers are able to “inspire”, but Nikki Zellner actually gets you to take action…now!! I have rarely seen a speaker masterfully take an audience through such a huge rage of emotions, keeping everyone on the edge of their seat, until just the right moment when they kick you in the butt and make you realize you too MUST act. If you can listen to Nikki and not take action, check your pulse, because you must dead!

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Beth Silvers,
Co-host of Pantsuit Politics
and best-selling author

Remembering that there are people out there focused on things that no one else has focused on are doing tremendous good kind of lights a fire in me. There's not going to be a national story about how many lives will be saved or serious health problems avoided because of Nikki's advocacy and all the people who've joined her in thinking about carbon monoxide, but that has absolutely mattered in a really big way. And so that helps me remember that doing your part matters in a really big way.


Capture Your Story: How to grow your personal or professional brand with intentional content

Somewhere along the way, marketing became about algorithms and templates – losing a brand's unique story in the process. Using her insights and experiences from over 20 years in the marketing, advertising, editorial and strategy space, Nikki walks audiences through a sustainable, authentic way to share stories for personal, professional and corporate brands. This is an interactive, results-producing workshop. Attendees will leave with brainstormed ideas they can immediately implement into their business.

THIS TOPIC IS IDEAL FOR: Personal & professional brands, women visionaries, entrepreneurs, coaches + consultants, agents, corporate brands that want to focus on story (not widget), sales professionals.

Available in 60 min, 90 min, 3 hour formats.

Virtual or in person delivery.

Reach out for custom quote. 

Investments starting at $2,000.

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