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I believe in the power of your story – and creating Intentional Content will help you tell the strongest story possible. All of my offerings center around giving you the tools and the power to create content that's sustainable, authentic, on point and on target.
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1:1 Virtual Content Strategy Sessions

"I'm creating content on social ... but is it hitting the mark?"

"What do I even include on my new website?"

"I'm about to launch my personal brand after years in corporate – where do I start?"


These are just a few reasons to book a Content Strategy Session. These 90-minute, virtual sessions are a roadmap to content clarity. With a conversational and feedback focused approach, I will guide you through your current content challenge – and help you create more impact with your message.

Book your session now for $200.


On-site Content Strategy Retreat

You want to get your content strategy or challenge taken care of with one fell swoop – and are ready to do the dang thing.

On-site packages are ideal for clients looking to have a longer-conversation with clear next steps (and frameworks!) or how to approach their content challenges.

Perfect for those looking for a social strategy, website strategy or overall brand strategy – and who want to be more deeply involved in their conversation and process. Up to 3 team members and "prep" included. (Additional $250 per additional team member over 3.)

On-site locations and lodging are booked by the client.

• 1/2 day on-site (4 hours): $3,000 + travel/lodging

• Full day on-site (8 hours): $5,000 + travel/lodging

• Two-day on-site (16 hours): $8,000 + travel/lodging

Reach out to Nikki directly to start the discussion.

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How to Plan For and Create Brand Photos That Matter:
A reusable photo planner and workbook

What are brand photos that matter? Photos that lead to a better understanding of who you are, who you serve and what you offer. Visioning is the process of discovering who you are and then building a brand around it. For this reason, it's so important you know what story you want to tell.


This workbook is designed to grow WITH YOU. It's meant to be a resource – and one you can reuse as your brand grows and diversifies.

Download now for just $97.

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Capture Your Story: A driven woman's guide to creating content that matters

Coming soon! This book is THE book for women who are looking to tell a stronger story of who they are – in and out of the workplace. Whether you're telling your story online, on air or in person – it's a great place to get clear on what you want to put out into the world. It will deep dive into Nikki's own experience of using content to create meaningful change in work – and in life.

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