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What does a content strategist do?

I help kick-A humans with their content strategy – on stages, on pages, on air, online and offline – so that no matter *when or where* their ideal person comes into contact with them, their identity, brand, message, solutions (and other projects) are cohesive, connected, and crystal clear.

Ready to go from this to that? 👇🏻

👉🏼 move from having a website that 'looks pretty' to having a website that converts

👉🏼 move from posting on social with no real goal to knowing exactly what your audience needs to hear today


👉🏼 move from obsessing about vanity metrics to tracking metrics that matter

👉🏼 move from doom scrolling to implementing social behaviors that nurture relationships and grow your business

👉🏼 move from making yourself smaller in the world to letting your true self shine big + bright

Small, intentional tweaks can make a BIG DIFFERENCE when it comes to connecting with your ideal audiences – and these tweaks come across all forms of content: video, photography, graphics, websites, social media posts, podcast interviews, or keynote speeches. It also hits on content pieces like comments, email signatures, and what events you attend or create.

My work and approach is best for personal/professional brands where the owner/founder/lead IS the brand – i.e. the one doing the work, providing the service, or being the guide. 

We Can Make Some  Magic ✨ Together...

In order for a wizard's spell to work, the wizard needs to cast it correctly. That means they have to know its intention, say the words correctly, and direct the spell toward its intended target. 


When you work with me, I teach you to Cast.

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But, wait! We should only be content strategy besties if...

  • You're a mature, multi-passionate, values-driven human over 30

  • You identify as a: founder, solopreneur, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker, author, host, or agent

  • You likely have ‘titles’ in your own business such as CEO, President, Partner, Chief, or Lead

  • You believe in investing in coaching for forward progress and intentional decision-making for yourself and business

  • You have a vision and need help making it come to life through content

  • You want to work through and with, not have a DFY experience

  • You need to understand the why, not just the how to

  • You love interaction, candid conversation, and feeling safe

  • You can live with hand talking and references to pop culture

Which option works best for you?


Laser Coaching

A 90-min virtual content strategy session to give you the next steps and tools to overcome the content roadblock or challenge you're currently facing. Perfect for the personal or professional brand who needs ideas, direction + support.

$250 per session


12 Session Bundle

If you know you have a lot of work to do, a bundle is the right fit for you. This is really where we get into the CAST methodology. Bundle includes (12) 2-hour virtual strategy sessions, unlimited email access, plus all digital workbooks.


A great way to maximize results!

$4,800 Package


Advisory Retainers

For the folks who want me on their team "at all times" to advise and assist on content initiatives for anything and everything content. Get up to (36) 2-hour virtual strategy sessions, unlimited email access, all workbooks, and a built in content strategy BFF.


Get your first 30-minute strategy session free!

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