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What can a content strategist do for you?

First, let's frame the kind of strategist I am, because there are different kinds.

I'm not a social media strategist, although I have background in this. This kind of strategist tends to focus solely on social media lead generation and keeps a close eye on social tools, trends, algorithms, analytics, and emerging social platforms. This person would work directly to assist any of your team members or vendors who specialize in social media management.

Second, I'm not a marketing strategist, although I have a background in this, too. This kind of strategist typically develops the frameworks for reaching customers for conversion. They dive deep into market research, dig through your data and analytics, and make high level recommendations and decisions on pricing and product feature testing. This kind of strategist typically works with your lead-generating team members or vendors in places like social ads, PPC, 

What am I, then? A content strategist.

This is the kind of strategist helps you understand where you have the opportunity to implement a stronger story (or where to remove stories that are no longer serving you), and helps you shape messaging. Similar to a marketing strategist, I also focus on outreach, engagement, and conversion – but from a different perspective. I focus primarily on pillar development, asset building, brand experience, content gaps, and scaling relationships.

I help kick-A humans create a stronger through line between their time on stages, on pages, on air, on social, on web, and in every day conversations – so that no matter *when or where* their ideal person comes into contact with them, their identity, brand, message, solutions (and other projects) are cohesive, connected, and crystal clear, and in service to who you're trying to reach and what goals you're trying to achieve.

Ready to go from this to that? 👇🏻

👉🏼 move from having a website that 'looks pretty and clever' to one focused on clarity and conversion

👉🏼 move from posting the same content across multiple social platforms to elimination of those that don't make sense for your goals and brand


👉🏼 move from obsessing about vanity metrics to knowing where to find more meaningful data

👉🏼 move from doom scrolling to implementing social behaviors that nurture relationships and grow your business

👉🏼 move from making yourself smaller in the world to letting your true self shine big + bright

Small, intentional tweaks can make a BIG DIFFERENCE when it comes to connecting with your ideal audiences – and these tweaks come across all forms of content: outreach, pitches, emails, video, photography, graphics, websites, social media posts, podcast interviews, or keynote speeches. If that sounds overwhelming, I'd love to be a part of your brand as a coach, consultant, or advisor.

My work and approach is best for personal/professional brands where the owner/founder/lead IS the brand – i.e. the one doing the work, providing the service, or being the guide. That said, I work with 'trust-based' small business and corporate brands in industries like real estate, education, financial services, and healthcare.


What makes me different from other content strategists? You can learn about that here.

We Can Make Some  Magic ✨ Together...

In order for a wizard's spell to work, the wizard needs to cast it correctly. That means they have to know its intention, say the words correctly, and direct the spell toward its intended target. 


When you work with me, I teach you to Cast.

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But, wait! We should only be content strategy besties if...

  • You're a mature, multi-passionate, values-driven human over 30

  • You identify as a: founder, solopreneur, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, speaker, author, host, or agent

  • You likely have ‘titles’ in your own business such as CEO, President, Partner, Chief, or Lead

  • You believe in investing in coaching for forward progress and intentional decision-making for yourself and business

  • You have a vision and need help making it come to life through content

  • You want to work through and with, not have a DFY experience

  • You need to understand the why, not just the how to

  • You love interaction, candid conversation, and feeling safe

  • You can live with hand talking and references to pop culture

Which option works best for you?


Laser Coaching

A single 60-min virtual content strategy session to give you the next steps and tools to overcome the content roadblock or challenge you're currently facing. Perfect for the personal or professional brand who has specific questions in mind.

$350 per session

Prepaid prior to session


6 Session Bundle

A package that's particularly helpful for those who have a  content project they're looking for guidance on as they plan it, implement it, and refine it.


Includes (6) 90-minute virtual strategy sessions, unlimited email access, plus all workbooks

$3,000 Package

Payment plan available


12 Session Bundle

Looking for monthly action taking to move your content projects forward? This package is great for accountability! This bundle includes (12) 90-minute virtual strategy sessions, unlimited email access, plus all digital workbooks.


Ready to stay on track, yea?


$4,800 Package

Payment plan available


Advisory Retainers

For the folks who want me on their team "at all times" to advise and assist on content initiatives, refinement, and brand overhauls. Get unlimited virtual strategy sessions, unlimited email access, all workbooks, and a built in content strategy BFF.


Payment plan available

Get your first 30-minute strategy session free!

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